Great News-Protactical19(The Xtar Man Off Of Ebay) Is Now A Member

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Great News-Protactical19(The Xtar Man Off Of Ebay) Is Now A Member

Guys I talked protactical19 in to signing up here since I just got done buying a Xtar WP2 II charger from him.  I hear he is very good, and I told him we would love to have him here and would like some great group buys in the future.  They say he ships faster than any on ebay.  He told me my charger is going out first thing in the morning.  He is out of Lake Wales, FL.  I'm tickled to have him here.  I don't know what username he signed up as, but he told me in a message at ebay he looks forward to answering questions on here.  Thanks a lot Shane for joining.  I look forward to doing more business with you. 


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Okay guys, keep your eyes open for the username... umm.. did anyone else misread that as proctological19?  No? 

Dang Freudian slips. Silly

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Yep,  I bought my 2 Xtar2600's and my WP2 II charger from him.  Great prices and if in the states you will have your order in a couple of days.

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Now you tell me.

I ordered a couple of Ultrafires 'cause they were in Florida and the only thing I could have gotten ( so I thought ) in 2 days.

They are not that bad, but the Xtar's would be much much better, and I have one excellent battery a Redilast 2900.

I will try the Xtars, and I'd like to have a few Flames also.

Although on Ebay the Xtars are almost the same as 2900mah Redilast, except the Redilast has $2.50 shipping.

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Yup I bought my WP2 ll and many 18700 off Shane. Shipping is super fast especially being in California (3 days).