Rofis TR15 AA Angle Head Flashlight Review

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Rofis TR15 AA Angle Head Flashlight Review


Rofis TR15 Angle Head Flashlight Review

Hey folks today we will be reviewing the Rofis TR15 another edition in the angle head flashlight family by Rofis.
I will streamline this review so its a bit easier to read and doesn’t take all day! I will figure what style of writing I will stick with from the comments.

The Rofis TR15 was sent to me by Rofis for review. The TR15 fits in between the rest of the TR line up it is small and compact and can run on a single AA battery. The AA option gives you an output of 200 lumens rated by Rofis which is highly respectable.
The Rofis TR15 would make a great partner for tradesmen and engineers with its angled head and tail magnet. Its a super easy flashlight to use and is very well built. The AA options makes it a great gift for none flashaholics and people you don’t trust with lithium’s (like me lol).


Output and performance

The Rofis TR15 uses the Cree XPL-HI V3 which is a fairly standard setup for Rofis. The max output of the TR15 with a 14500 is 700 lumen as measured by Rofis and max output with a standard AA alkaline is 200 lumens as measured by Rofis.


My output numbers are as follows! I got a whopping 763 lumens with the included 800mah 14500. With a Eneloop pro I got an output of 298 lumens. This figures are well above what Rofis rated the TR15. My test are not ANSI rated like Rofis.
The tint on the TR15 is cool white some where around 6000-6500k it would have to be a 1A tint. The beam pattern is fairly flood heavy so don’t expect a thrower even if Rofis use a XPL-HI. The TR15 is using an OP style reflector that is fairly small in size. It looks to be the same as the reflector in the TR10. To help get out the extra lumen they also fitted the TR15 with AR coated glass.


Throw numbers

  • 3175cd at 113m

Output and run times (14500) (Tested with a 700mah 14500)

  • Low: 30 lumens at 6.7 hours
  • Medium: 140 lumens at 2.3 hours
  • High: 700 lumen at 1 min then 300 lumen for 55min
  • Strobe: 700 lumens at 2.1 hours
  • Beacon: 700 lumens at 4.4 hours
  • SOS: 700 lumens at 5.2 hours


Output and run times (AA NiMH) (Tested with a 1.5v 1500mah alkaline)

  • Low: 10 lumens at 15 hours
  • Medium: 40 lumens at 5 hours
  • High: 200 lumens at 1 hour
  • Strobe: 200 lumens at 2 hours
  • Beacon: 200 lumens at 4 hours
  • SOS: 200 lumens at 4.8 hours


Output measured by me

  • 14500 high mode: 763 lumen
  • AA Eneloop pro high mode: 298 lumens


After doing my own testing on the TR15 it does really well. I was surprised to see that there is no difference in output between the included 14500 and my AW IMR cells. Both cells performed equally good I was expecting a good results seeing as this driver is similar to the more powerful drivers like in the TR10. Output with a standard NiMH is really good it looks brighter then the Klarus Mi7 you will see in the pics below.
The driver is a constant current driver and does hold the output very well even when the battery is drained. The TR15 can accept the following battery formats.

!New chart TR15 test!

Compatible batteries

  • Lithium Rechargeable 14500
  • NiMH/NiCad
  • Alkaline
  • Lithium primary


The TR15 comes with an included 800mah 14500 cell that is Rofis branded I tested the cell to exactly 800mah. I guess the cell is a Panasonic/Sanyo it has an included protection circuit. The included 14500 is fairly big it is bigger then my biggest NiMH cell and way bigger then my IMR cells.

The TR15 is perfect in every way! Except one slight flaw they give you a lanyard with no where to attach it lol. That is a first I am seriously scratching my head trying to figure where to attach this lanyard? Weird I will email Rofis and ask.

I am a big fan of Rofis lights they are really good quality Rofis take care of the smaller details really well. This is a great addition to the line up seeing as it can be used with a standard battery. The TR15 looks like exactly like a smaller TR18 it has the same features and the same single side switch. Size wise thew TR15 fits right in the middle of the range. It is not as small as the TR10 that is the 16340 version but it is much smaller then the TR18 the smallest 18650s version.


The TR15 is small but it isn’t tiny and it certainly isn’t the smallest 14500 flashlight you will ever see. Unless you angle the head and measure lol. A lot of the extra size comes from the angle head design it add a bit of mass and length. I will go over the dimensions of the TR15.



  • Weights: 62 grams (2.19oz)
  • Length: 97.5mm (3.64inch)
  • Diameter: 22mm (0.86inch)
  • You can also cheat and angle the head which will give you a total length of 86.5mm.

With the angled head this places the TR15 pretty good in the size department. Its one of the smaller 14500 flashlights on the market. This is probably cheating!


The Rofis TR15 is a very well built flashlight as I have already said. The TR15 is made out of Aircraft grade aluminum alloy and uses hard anodizing type 3. The TR15 has a black gloss finish like the rest of the lineup. The TR15 also uses AR coated glass which can be found on the other TR series and an OP reflector setup. All the threads on my TR15 and very well cut and are well lubricated the tail threads are none anodized so no lockout is possible that way. The switch does have a lockout.


One of my favorite features of the TR flashlight series is the included tail magnet. The included magnet in the TR15 is super strong it can hold the TR15 any way you need (it) to be held. Hold me tight baby :P.

You can stick the TR15 upside down or as we call it here in straya normal ways! Even sticking the TR15 on the side of my thin walled shed has good results no movement at all. The magnet is removable if you have a problem with magnets. Super easy to remove the magnet simply undo the spring it will take less then a minute.



The good thing about using a side switch is that magnet sits inside the TR15 so the base is completely flat. This also means you can tail stand the TR15.
Just to top of this great list the TR15 and all the other TR series lights come with a reversible clip. This is an awesome feature it works well for sticking on your hat while fishing or working. Trust me all the cool kids do it!


The TR series by Rofis would have to be the most flexible and versatile flashlights series on the market.
To top the TR15 of spec wise it comes with an IPX8 rating to 2 meters submersible and 1 meter impact resistant rating. This makes the TR15 a great choice for EDC use.

The UI on the Rofis TR15 is good its fairly similar on all the Rofis TR flashlights so if you already own one you will have no issues. The TR15 has a total of 6 modes. 3 standard modes and 3 hidden modes.
To turn the TR15 on and off simply click the side switch once. To change modes simply hold the side switch to cycle through modes.
To activate the hidden modes you simply click the side switch 3 times fast from any position either while the TR15 is on or off. While in the special modes push and hold the side switch to cycle the modes.


The TR15 includes a lockout features to activate the lockout simply push and hold the side switch from off position for 5 seconds. The TR15 will flash on low mode after 3 seconds but keep on holding the side switch for 2 more seconds till the TR15 switches of completely.


The TR15 also has memory mode it can remember any mode from the standard group so low, medium, high. Not included in the manual is that a long press from off position on the side switch will turn the TR15 on in low mode forgetting the memory. Usually this is where Rofis hide the moonlight mode. I love a hidden moonlight mode. No moonlight mode is included in the TR15.

Last but not least the side switch acts as a power indicator once the TR15 has a low battery. The side switch will blink red every 2 seconds till the cell is fully depleted.


Standby Current reading

  • Standby current locked 14500: 610 Microamps
  • Standby current unlocked 14500: 610 Microamps

This reading seems to be a bit high I will look into it more. When comparing this number to the TR10 which only get 62.5 Microamps reading. My light may have a driver issue I will email Rofis.

The TR15 is a great light overall it offer a lot of options that you may not be able to find with any other flashlight. The output is amazing on both cells so even if you only use standard AA batteries you will be happy. I would like to see high mode stay on for more then 1 minute but that is a trade of for having such a small flashlight. Also I would like to see the standby current lowered but overall I am very happy with the TR15 and I am sure you will also be!

All these pics are taken at ISO800

Low mode 7 meters to the tree

Medium mode 15m to tree

High mode 15 meters to the tree

Low mode up close checking out the tint
!DSC_3955! \

TR15 left and Mi7 right
!Klarus mi7!

TR15 left and WK21 right
!Xtar wk21!

TR15 left and Jet MK I right
!Jet 1 mk!

TR15 left and TR10 right

This is the testing of the TR15 with a NiMH i will add more pics tonight i forgot to take one of the TR15 alone

TR15 left and Orcatorch T11 right

TR15 left and Mi7 right
!Mi7 nihm!

TR15 left and Jet MK I right
!Jet1 nihk!

Thanks for taking the time to read the review!

Regards Chris

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Thanks for the very good review Chris.

One question: Did the Rofis engineering team get the low battery indicator right? By that, does it properly work with all battery types? Ideally, it should indicate low battery for any type of cell. I thought I saw in another review that it will only come on at a fixed voltage (set for 14500) and doesn’t automatically (or manually) adjust for different battery types.

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Hey mate thanks!

I will test it and get back to you.

It would be tricky low voltage on the included 14500 is 3v and a NiMH would be about 0.8v and a alkaline would be about 1-1.2v i think.

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Interesting light, thanks Beer

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Video up if you want to watch it… No pressure!

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Thanks for the detailed review. I’ve been interested in the TR15 and don’t see many deals on this light. I have the Klarus mi7 and was surprised to see the TR15 crushed it in the beamshot photo because I had thought the mi7 had a pretty good throw for its size. Nice job!