Picture Review: Zanflare F6

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Picture Review: Zanflare F6

Zanflare F6

This is my first ever Zanflare branded light.
Zanflare doesnt have many flashlights in their collection it only consist of 2 Flashlights which is F1 anf F2, these are a bigger AA-battery and a 18650 type flashlight, they also have a charger and some lighting related product like LED strip, cabinet light and solar dusk light so not many flashlight products but that could change in the future.

Link to Zanflare F6 official page.

Beautiful, with the provided chain the light looks like a jewelry
Blink blink if you like that gangster look Big Smile
Enough lumens on medium for close range work
Magnetic Tail-cap
Built it Charger.
My wife would think this is beautiful and there that you got one reason and no hiding from her. Big Smile

Rather Heavy
Short run-time, not enough time to do some real work.
Twisty operation is not practical with one hand especially with sweaty palm.
Whistle is useless, you’ll end up annoying yourself.

Data from Zanflare:
Max Output: 200 lumens
Max Beam Distance: 59 m
Max Beam Intensity: 1200 cd
Max Run time: 288 minutes

LED: Cree XP-G2
Length: 54 mm / 2.13 inch
Weight: 31 g / 1.09 oz

Battery: 10180 × 1
Features: Magnetic End, Whistle, IPX8 Waterproof
Activity: Gear, Hiking, Camping

The website doesnt mention runtime for each mode so here it is i copied it from the manual
Low: 1.5lm (4.8h)
Medium: 15lm (2.5h)
High: 200lm (18min)

As you can see the runtime is rather short which is not surprising from a tiny 70mah battery. For a comparison A nitecore Tip has 500mah with higher lumens and longer runtime not to mention easier to operate one handed.

Zanflare retail box

Instruction manual or rather a nice booklet detailing how to operate, disassembled the light and charge the unit.

No specification on the outside

This is how the light is package inside, the chain and the flashlight was packed in vacuum sealed plastic.
1x Micro Usb charging cable, 1x Zanflare F6, 1× 10810 battery includec, 60cm Chain and 2 spare o-rings

The spare o-rings

The light in you hand, what a tiny flashlight with a whistle at the back.

A twisty light, this how the light is intended to be operated. Notice the pattern at the front of the light? it is there to increase grip but i think they place it on the wrong side I wish the whole head has knurling so it isn’t so slippery. Well i wished the whole flashlight isn’t so slippery. For my sweaty hand and hot climate operating one handed is nearly impossible. I might have to remove one of the two rubber o-rings since the first o-rings doesn’t feel that heavy when it engages the second o-rings then it started to become harder to twist.

The light seperated into 3 parts, battery is included. Noticed the DQG branded battery.

The head, the driver and a spring.

Open the head and you will find the micro usb charging port, the manual say 1 hour to fully charge the tiny battery.
Red is charging while blue indicate full.

Zanflare is etched on the flashlight head.

Emitter side, Both Nitecore and Zanflare uses OP reflector.

Comparison to my other key-chain, Nitecore Tube, Zanflare F6 and Nitecore Tip 2017
The Nitecore tip is still may favorite key-chain light.

a closer look.

Xanflare F6 is a nice looking keychain flashlight it is beautiful but its small size is also one of its drawback, for similar money i prefer Nitecore Tip for its higher lumens and longer run-time and while the size is bigger it still small enough to be not noticeable. Nitecore Tip is also more friendly to one handed operation no problem with slippery hand.

For similarly priced light i would have gone with Nitecore tip instead, this is a good light but only at discounted price.
A niche light for sure, so buy this because you like it dont because you need it or depend on it.

Beamshots video:

Video Review: Uploading.

I would give Zanflare F6 a 7/10

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Thanks for the kind words. Big Smile

Zanflare wrote:
Very very beautiful pictures. Your photography is wonderful. The light , color and composition of picture are mastered very well.
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Hey Rizky_p,

Would you happen to know the charge rate? 50mA?

Maybe a USB tester would show how much power was being drawn.

My Convoy L6 thread with XHP70.2, Texas Avenger FET driver, Narsil v1.2 ramping firmware, lighted side switch and cut down SMO reflector. Lots of amp draws on stock driver as well.

My Supfire L5-S thread with XHP70, Texas Avenger FET driver, NarsilM v1.0 ramping firmware and lighted side switch. My mini L6! http://budgetlightforum.com/node/55746

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