Hello from Belgium

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Hello from Belgium

Hi there, casual lurker here yet this is my first post.

I cant say i’m a flashaholic but i always had at least one ‘decent’ flashlight since i got a minimaglite aa combo set about 22 years ago.
It served me well from camping to reading and to play with my gameboy for countless hours…
I was very fond of maglites and ended up getting a solitaire and a 6D which i regretted to buy because it was so overkill and heavy…

Around 2008 i bought a 3 emitters drop in for the minimaglite and i was really impressed by the sheer power and the awesome runtime, of course i had my share of crappy el cheapo led with nasty blue tints before i tried the drop in but i havent tested something decent before.

Around the same time i bought a petzl tikka with red filter and a 1x cr123a litexpress aspheric lens flashlight which produced a very narrow beam without spill at all and was utterly useless and expensive to run for the crappy performance.
I liked the tikka for its runtime but i ended up losing it…
Around 2011 i was gifted something poisonous, a crappy ultrafire 1×18650 flashlight with 2 cells and very shady looking charger with a flimsy hinge on the plug, that thing came from ebay and was around 10 euros, i used that light until the cells stopped holding a charge then i read about the dangers of cheap li ion cells and chargers and discarded them asap as i was really getting paranoid.

Around 2012 i bought a klarus mi 6x stainless which i carried around the neck, i really liked it and learned what a good led flashlight should be.
One thing sucked hard tho, the lack of spring on a twisty means the contact ring with three prongs will get flattened and the cell might be damaged too.
After a couple years i had to put little aluminum foil pieces in the bottom to keep the circuit closed, it worked ok until a few months ago, it was still firing in medium but i was unable to change modes.

Since the fenix ld22 2015 came out i was considering getting one which i did 1 month ago, i really like it so far but i would have liked a larger hotspot, a sublumen mode and a checkered side switch.
I’m fairly sure i’ll get a zebralight aa flood or floody headlamp next as i really like the ui and the form factor is really sexy…

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Welcome aboard!

Best regards,







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Welcome !
I didn’t read all your post above but I hope you enjoy. Big Smile

Take care of your flashlight and your flashlight will take care of you.

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Welcome to BLF Axis3! I have a couple ZebraLight flashlights and love them.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Hi and welcome axis3 to this place, the big black hole that sucks money straight out of your wallet trying to make this big black hole brighter.
Run before its to late.

My current and or voltage measurements are only relevent to anything that I measure.

Budget light hobby proudly sponsored by my Mastercard and unknowingly paid for by a hard working wife. 

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Hello To BLF (a deep money pit) i hope you wont regret it Big Smile , lived in Belgium for 3 years when i was a kid, in Leuven to be exact.

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Please enjoy your time here, Axis3!


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Hi Axis3, welcome to BLF. I see you already have been warned about spending. Let me add to that: imho most money disappears on account of specail sprices, flash sales, groupbuys and coupons. And always at a price you think: wow. Especially be aware of Convoys. They offer great value for modest prices and are forgiving towards beginning modders. If you’re not careful you end up having a room full of them.
BTW, from what part of Belgium are you? I have been there several times on holidays. Le Hainaut et les Ardennes. Love to walk on the RAVel’s, those refubished ancient railways. Though deep down a part of me misses what is lost. That’s a genetic thing I guess. Both my grand fathers were engine drivers on (steam) trains.

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One flew east, one flew west, one flew over BLF nest! Welcome Axis3! Party