quick 6v vs 9v zener mod question

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quick 6v vs 9v zener mod question

Never mind, MTN had info I wanted on the parts listing.
From the FET driver DIY parts listing..


Please remember that this is not a buck or boost driver, so it can’t step voltage up or down.
​This means that the input voltage must be closely matched to the output. Example: 2 cells in series (8.4V) powering a 6V MT-G2 emitter; 3 cells in series (12.6V) powering 3 XM-L2 emitters in series.

Got a couple zener modded fet drivers (1ea. 20+17mm) laying here, and a triple in a 2/3 cell light with a crap blinky driver.
I know when I ordered these drivers they where for 6V mtg2/xhp50/70 ect. Both are running the older Guppydrv, I am pretty sure had no lvp.

My question is,
Is there a difference in the zener for 6v vs 9v?

Thinking if the driver will handle it running 3 unused xpl-hi’s I have in series with the 3 cell battery tube. Not ideal, but it should work if it dont burn the driver right?


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