30Q suddenly died

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AgentSteel wrote:
But the LVP is supposed to come at 2.9-3.1V according to Convoy specs.

An older cell would do that?

Looks like an occasion to put a more reliable driver in this one Silly

An old cell with a resting voltage of 3.6v or 3.3v, might very easily drop to 2.9v when you put a big load on it (like a Convoy on max).

Most cells don’t have much energy left in them by the time they’re down to 3.3v resting. I usually charge mine up when they get down to 3.7v, which is usually under 50% full. On a light that doesn’t use a boost-driver (such as a Convoy), it also really helps to have a mostly-full battery to get full output.

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Thanks for the explanations. I will also make sure to check my cells before use in this light.

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