XHP70.2 Lightbar look over

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XHP70.2 Lightbar look over

Hi guys
Just pulled down a 20” lightbar I have and I am going to upgrade it.
Thinking of adding 10x or more XHP70.2 LEDs with Carclo optics and a one mode driver for the LEDs.

Can anybody see any problems? Heat is my only concern but if I run LEDs at stock amps?
It will be only run when moving so plenty of air flow it’s not the only lighting on the vehicle so do not need to run it all the time.
The heat sink seems ok and I should have room for more copper bar on top of the current heatsink making the base 12mm thick so it will be about 558mm x 34mm with the 12mm thick base with Finns.

Parts list:

Driver Here I will run 4x LEDs off each driver. Should fit 12x LEDs
XHP70.2 12v 20mm DTP here
Optic: here

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