Gearbest has final let me down. (Just gave Gearbest a second chance)...Computer Problem.

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Gearbest has final let me down. (Just gave Gearbest a second chance)...Computer Problem.

I ordered an Zanfare F3 using the code to bring it down to $7.99 and I chose American line(B) shipping upgrade. First they told me American Line(B) shipping upgrade was not a valid shipping choice. Please chose free shipping or refund. I said then please use American Line(A) and if difference in shipping is <$1.00 +- OK. Then than said I provided an invalid phone number. Well it was the one I always used. I got a complete refund to Paypal at this point. I was fortunate to get a full refund. It was very apparent they simply did not want to send the flashlight to me. I was lucky it took so long for Gearbest to decide to act shady with me.

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I haven’t been completely turned off from GB yet, but BG seems to be a lot better in their business practices. They don’t play any games like GB does… at least in my experience.

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Yes, the old “invalid phone number “ ploy. Got that daily for awhile. That’s a downright dirty trick. I’m kinda curious what they think they’re accomplishing when they feed us that crap.

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I think the F3 is $8 on the Zanebase site right now. No idea if the shipping is free or not but maybe try again?

Too many GB “problem” threads lately. So far I have been fortunate.

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In my case Gearbest sent me a flashlight, but it was not new. It was refurbished.

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I don’t understand why any shipper would confirm or check on the phone number? how could they even tell? I put in my old cell phone which doesn’t even work any longer. Never had any issues with that? I am happy to update that and put in my current number but why in the world would anybody check?

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The shipper wants the phone number so that, if there is a question or problem delivering the package (transposed numbers in address, misspelled / incomplete street name, locked gates at delivery site, …) they can call you and get it delivered instead of returning the package to China.

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I ordered an “in stock” Y-Start knife from Gearbest and took advantage of a discount code they had advertised here on BLF. After 2 weeks of no action, I emailed them. Same thing, “can’t ship without phone number” even though my correct # is in my shipping profile. Another 2 weeks goes by with no action. I email them again, they said “illegal to ship to US” (which it isn’t). They just didn’t want to sell me the knife at the discount they offered. Bought it from Fasttech for a dollar more, it was delivered in 10 days.

Same thing happened with 4 Samsung batteries that were supposed to be shipped from the US warehouse. They made up some bs about illegal to ship lithium ion batteries within the US. They just didn’t want to honor the flash sale they had posted. Ordered them from Liionwholesale for 2 dollars more, and received them in 2 days.

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I don’t get it. If Gearbest wants to cancel an order for whatever reason, they should just say it. “Sorry, but we have to cancel order for logistical reasons (or whatever)”. I mean don’t say that your number was wrong, that’s just nonsense.

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I won’t buy from gearbest anymore. I have had it with them

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I’ve previously ordered only once from Gearbest, and it turned out OK.

But the next 2 Gearbest orders gave me some surprise. They were shipped but both parcels were missing several items (I prefer an order to be shipped as one parcel, since in our country, receiving parcels from our Philippines Postal system, we need to pay a “fixed handling fee” of ~US$2.25 per parcel, no matter if the parcel cost $0.01 or $100)

I questioned GB support and for order#1, they just mentioned they’ll send the missing items (they didn’t explain why it was missing, or maybe it was just not on stock and thus didn’t ship together). There was no mention that from the GB order page that the order was to be sent as multiple packages, only 1 tracking reference number was given.

And for order#2, there were again several missing items. For this order, they said that the missing items are because they’re not onstock and asked if I want to wait, which I replied I want to. Again, that the order was to be split into multiple orders was not mentioned at all. There was also no advisory which items are shipped and which are not yet shipped. From the order/shipping page, it was assumed that everything is in the tracking reference number.

By comparison with Banggood, I also had experienced when an order had to be split into multiple packages, and they do inform very much ahead of time (prior to actual shipping), whether I want to wait (or refund) for the out-of-stock item, and they will then issue a new split order# to track the items that had not been included in the first package. At least, that’s clear to me. Rather than to be surprised that several items are missing in a parcel that arrived (which is what happend with Gearbest).

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After receiving a few items successfully from Gearbest they went through a patch where they asked me over and over again to confirm my address. I repeatedly provided it and asked them why, since I had received orders before and the address on record was correct. Eventually the response was that the post code was invalid. Same post code at this address for decades, definitely valid. They stopped asking after a while. I think they just have glitches with their system from time to time.

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To be fare to Haiweili Co., Ltd. manufacturer of the F3. I ordered a Zanfare F3 for the $9.99 price which I received yesterday. Man it is a very nice little flashlight. Great beam pattern. Rugged build. Sad I had to cancel second order from Gearbest. AAA flashlights are nice for trekking around a dark house.

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I just ordered an F3 for $7.99 with updated shipping option. We will see what happens now.

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Both GB and BG have shipping problems. BG now seems to instruct a shipper not to send to the given home address but to some depot (in my case at the other side of town. Might as well let me pick it up in China). Also they do not use the provided (correct) address format for each country. The inclusion of “province” van lead to Dutch post not (automatically) reading the address correctly.

Instructions on how to do it seem to be ignored, resulting in a lot of items not arriving.

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Well Gearbest could not ship the second flashlight via American line 1b. They must have a computer bug of some kind. I have ordered numerous flashlights from them shipped via American line 1A or 1B.

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Damn guys, You guys are “scaring “ me about Gearbest. I ordered the Utorch U2 5000k light on there flash sales post. Still have not got any info about entire order. I will wait 1 more week before I file a paypal claim.

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264 wrote:
Well Gearbest could not ship the second flashlight via American line 1b. They must have a computer bug of some kind. I have ordered numerous flashlights from them shipped via American line 1A or 1B.

I think it’s a stalling technique.
Same as you, they have sent at least 50 packages to my same address, same phone # etc.

Anyway, They sent me this message;

Please kindly follow up your order for shipping method issue

Dear Thank you for your reply. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and problem caused to you. We are so sorry that the original shipping is unavailable for your address. If you agreed, we can change other available shipping method for you, if there is any price difference, we will either refund it to or request you to pay if any. Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know if it is acceptable so that we can process the order for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please reply us within 2 business days. After this time frame, we will either :

1.Send out your order without further delay according to your original address via the available shipping method or 2.Cancel your order and refund in your original provided account. We will do our best to help you and we wish to take this opportunity to apologize to you for any inconvenience caused. Thank you so much for your kind understanding and patience.

Best Wishes
Gearbest Customer Service

I replied;

I do not understand your message. I chose Priority Line shipping, same as i normally do.
You still list this as an option on your order screen for the Zanflare F3.
I want it shipped for the same money and same speed as you offered.
Please ship now without any more delays.
Please reply with the solution.


Next day they sent this;

Dear Keith,

Thank you for your message.
Please rest assured that we will try to ship your order again following your opinion.
We generally require a few days to arrange shipment of orders, as we need to confirm order information and inspect items.
This includes the time taken to conduct quality control as well as carefully packaging the item prior to dispatch.
As soon as we dispatch your order, we will send a shipping confirmation email.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

So they they want a few more days to get product. No big deal, wish they would have just said that to begin with.
What could also be happening here is their contract rate may have went up on American Line and they are wanting to ship with a cheaper source.
Just want what they offered me for the price they offered. I am sure it will get worked out.


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That sounds like what it is ..a problem with american line … they want to ship it a different way …odds are good they will figure it all out after the holidays are over . i always chose the cheapest shipping . i’ve heard too many complaints about people paying extra and getting slow shipped. i really don’t like gearbests new addition onto shipping batteries and knives .i see it as being a bit sneaky .people are bated into a sale price and then popped with a higher shipping rate . put added costs into the price and say ….free shipping . that way people can price shop . like robert said after factoring all things in sometimes it’s onl; a buck more to go with another seller .
Add on shipping an a pair of batteries made their deal .. // no deal

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I have a slightly different story. I ordered a Brynite B158b from gearbest at 04:50am on the 17th, with shipping by America Line (IB). It arrived at Customs in Alabama at 10pm on the 19th. Who knows how long it will sit there, but that has to be a new record from SHENZHEN.
Hope it all works out for you. I only have 20 orders or so, from vendors in China. Only had a problem with 1. It actually showed up months after I had already gotten a refund.


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My last message to BG CS:

Those two items must have been strapped onto the backs of turtles.