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The Groundsman
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Hi everybody

Just joined the gang. My mind is blown by the amount of knowledge on here. Im no stranger to decent flashlights, but you lot make me feel like a real novice lol

Thanks for having me here

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Hello welcome to BLF

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Hey how are you doing man? Welcome to BLF! Party

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Hi and welcome The Groundsman. There are quite a few smart cookies here we all benefit from.

My current and or voltage measurements are only relevent to anything that I measure.

Budget light hobby proudly sponsored by my Mastercard and unknowingly paid for by a hard working wife. 

djozz said "it came with chinese lettering that is chinese to me".

old4570 said "I'm not an expert , so don't suffer from any such technical restrictions".

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Welcome to BLF The Groundsman! Agreed there is so much knowledge here and many helpful people too.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Welcome to BLF.
You will feel at home here.

raccoon city
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It's nice to see you, The Groundsman!


The Groundsman
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Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!