Merry Christmas and a little explaining for absence

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Merry Christmas and a little explaining for absence

Hello, first Merry Christmas!

Then apologies for not being online for so long.
I was (and still am a little) sick.
Very low energy, feeling like fever, being cold (I cannot remember the last time I felt cold, I hardly wear thick clothes but now I do.)
Thi means behind on work, and just no energy to do BLF or even basic emails.
But now that I have the wood to burn for the coming days ready and only a few social obligations finally I could lift the weight of not being here and not answering to emails.
In the future, my wife will post an update if something like this happens again for it is not nice and i feel really bad about being so silent.

I see a couple of hundreds of PMs and thousands of posts, wowsers, this is gonna take a while. No worries I will get to it.
Have some cooking to do for a party at the neighbors tonight (yes! besides very nice, saves a lot of work having dinner there Smile )
Tomorrow no plans other then trying to make bacon based on beef with my son and cooking some good dinner at night (and of course some phone calls with family who all live too far away for a visit Wink )

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Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

Overkill is just about enough!

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Oh and Friday a parcel was dropped off, Giggles arrived, DANG what a nice tint and what a nice light, really awesome!

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We are glad that you are somewhat oke. Smile
Take your time as you need it.

Merry Christmas to you!!

You have giggles too?
I hope mine will arrive coming week..

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Good to see you back!

Get well soon!

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Big Smile Thumbs Up

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Glad to have you back. Merry Christmas.

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Welcome back Miller. We missed you, and hope you get better soon. Merry Christmas to you and your Family !

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Glad to see you back and I hope you were able to catch up on some rest! Honestly, I probably would have taken just a couple more days and got back to this mess after Christmas!

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I think I did the Q8 problem PMs now, most issues seem resolved, some ned attention or an update so I know f action is needed.
A lot of GT stuff waiting, but it has to wait for today Smile

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Wish you fully recover soon. Merry Christmas!

cool i'll see you when you get there

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merry christmas and happy new year, i hope you will get well soon
and back on track
Big Smile

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Marry Christmas The Miller!

Welcome back!

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Merry Christmas the Miller! Glad you are otw to recovery, the flu is no joke.

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Glad to hear from you. I don’t think you need to catch up on the almost 4 thousand posts in the GT thread since you left. That would take forever, plus Texas_Ace has stepped in and taken good care of things. He can probably fill you in. Coyotehawk has taken over the GT sign up list, so that is also a big burden lifted.

I tried to channel my inner Miller and keep my patience in check while answering questions. I don’t know how you do it. LOL

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to the whole family.


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Fijne feestdagen Wim!


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Hey, welcome back ! Thumbs Up


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Welcome back and merry Christmas! Agree with Jason, just skip the thousands of posts and just (slowly) start from what happens now. People have picked up stuff very well in your absence (TA, Jason, thijsco among others) so all is well.

And mind that this is hobby, everything is appreciated, but there’s no real obligations.

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hi welcome back..

Take care for your health the miller. To much reading in comp screen right now i think not good for you. Smile

Happy holidays

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Glad you are back Wim. Thumbs Up

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Welcome back, i can relate, i don’t know what virus is floating around but i’ve been debilitatingly ill for 3 weeks straight, never happened to me before, starting to recover but i’m completely exhausted.

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Glad to see you back! Thumbs Up

Texas_Ace, CoyoteHawk and JasonWW (And many others) have been so kind in stepping up to cover you while you were absent maintaining the list and answering general questions, without their precious help, the GT thread would have been a train wreck. Good job guys! Smile Beer

Can you please share the list file with another member of the team in case you need to take time off? Maybe creating a google doc and just give writing permissions to the people you decide that can update the list in case you are away.

Merry Christmas, Take care and hope you make a full recovery!


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Good to hear from you!
Merry Chrismas!

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JasonWW is a very patient person.
I do not know how he did it.

Welcome back and, Merry Christmas

Sorry for my poor english.

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Glad to see you post again Miller. Rock on!

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Happy to see you again LOL

In those last 2 years I’ve feel the same thing, a huge lack of energy which seems like iron balls chained in my entire body Tired

I’m fight everyday with it, its like “low and high” days, some few “high-not-too-high” days but those “low”……. Damn Facepalm

Merry Christmas, God bless you Miller and all BLF members Thumbs Up

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Welcome back, Miller! We missed you! LOL

Enjoy the holidays and get well soon!

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Welcome back and Merry Christmas The Miller!

4k missed posts and you’re going to read them? I wouldn’t! Besides you’ll read all the things we said about you. Big Smile

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Welcome back. Hope you’re getting well.
Merry Christmas!

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Welcome back and Merry Christmas TM Big Smile

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I just delete work mails if I am away for two weeks, you are reading the missed posts on the forum…. Crazy man.

Get better soon. Get checked out and get your health in check. Far more important than this forum