Anybody buying Crypto?

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Anybody buying Crypto?

There’s this crypto called XLM. It deals in Lumens. JW if it has any correlation with us lol. I think the creator was part of ripple but made it private instead of public unlike ripple. More at:

Just like to share since crypto is now my main obession.

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It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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OT, just hate what miners are doing to GPU prices. Even used! Facepalm

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It’s worthless. I prefer gold and diamonds.

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I’m a computer programmer, libertarian, and Free Software enthusiast. I keep vacillating between “blockchain and crytpocurrency are too new to trust” and “I really should just mine something to cover my bases.”

But there are SOO many options (thanks for adding to that confusion), I never get around to deciding on one and building a rig. So I’m still in the “no” category.

I prefer stocks, real estate, brass, and lead. For now.

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I have been wondering the same thing the past couple of months but I don’t think that is the case. Ripple is X(RP) and Lumens are X(LM) . Plus it would need to be XML. Now if they stuck Cree in there somewhere too, that would be a no brainier.

As far as XLM I think stellar has a bright future, no pun intended. My portfolio is around 75% XLM and it’s the Altcoin that I recommend to people. What’s funny is that the reason I looked into it in the first place was because I was curious if it was a BLF member or something lol.

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I only heard of crypto currencies a few weeks ago… as a friend was mentioning bitcoin miners sucking so much electricity in China that they are getting cut down and are looking into moving to Canada… “What are they doing?” i asked… Just crunching useless numbers to win the mining race… “This sound like April fool hoax?”… No it’s not! Sick

I read a bit about it… Still i just can’t imagine how doing an expensive and useless work (crunching numbers to find an arbitrarily rare hash key) can have any value. It does not accomplish anything useful and costs a huge amount of resources. Thus i’m wondering whether it can have any future. Flat Stare

Is the currency you are referring to different?

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Xlm to the moon!

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troisanh wrote:
OT, just hate what miners are doing to GPU prices. Even used! Facepalm

+1 Facepalm

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Waste of time and money.
You can make way more investing in real stocks or getting a job.
It’s also really easy to create a cryptocurrency to take advantage of those who use it and make profit for yourself.

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If you’re interested in buying Bitcoin or one of the other better-known cryptocurrencies your best bet is CoinBase, which also supports Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin. The popular digital exchange is easy to use and widely trusted, though it does go offline occasionally when trading is particularly frenzied

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Meh.. Zil > Xlm Party

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I am kicking myself for not keeping up with mining years ago when bitcoin wasnt worth alot. I couldnt mine very fast with what hardware I had, but I’d eventually have a small fortune if I had kept up with it over the years. Now, I feel its too late becuase the markets of crypto are just to volatile now.