Need help to sort out Sofirn offering

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Need help to sort out Sofirn offering

Hi all!

I only recently got a Sofirn SP10B and a C8F… and i’m impressed with their lights quality for the price.
But i’m a bit confused with all their other lights… Some seem to be new editions of previous models (with an A or B), some i’ve heard have issues like poor mode spacing or PWM… not sure really.

Which ones would you recommend?

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you will probably not like it but i have three sofirn SF36w and i love them Love

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You have already bought the best models. The rest are not recommended for purchase.

Maybe, SP32A or SP31…

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I have a C8F and a SP32A and they are both great lights. Not a huge fan of the UI on either but it’s not terribly bad. I just ordered a C8A and a SP33. I like the 26650 in the SP33 and a tad over 1000lm. I most likely won’t run it much at full bore so the battery should last a long time for me out in the woods and around the property at night. Haven’t tried their other lights yet but plan on buying a few here and there until I have them all. For the prices it won’t hurt too much to try them out and if they don’t fit what I need them for I can trade them away, sell them, or give them to friends so they quit buying flashlights at Harbor Freight.

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Recently released products are usually being well reviewed

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I’d look for reviews here and elsewhere.

They’ve been coming out with an assload of new lights, lots of which I never even heard of ‘til I’d poke around their site on AX. The ones made known here, like the C8x series, the SP10s (nil/A/B), etc., were all reviewed here in one form or another, so any quirks would be known. Unless the spex change without notice, of course.

Eg, there’s the old C8F and the new C8F. Old, XP-G3s and tailswitch, tendency to cook the G3s when left on turbo with a beefy battery. New, XP-Ls and sideswitch, souped up thermal everything. Yet the same designation.

There’s the SP10/-A/-B, and to further confuse things, the black B which turned into the black A only with the same UI as the Bs, only now even that’s different.

So depending who’s selling it, you can get an “XYZ” but not know if it’s old or recent stock, thus if it’s version 1, 2, or 3, all of which are slightly or significantly different.

Nice thing about Sofirn is that they listen to feedback, so changes might very well be for the better.


The SP32A is nice and bright, especially for its size, and has ramping, but I kinda prefer the discrete modes.

All their C8s are wow, redefining what the C8 used to be.

I’ve been “converted” from generally dismissing AA lights (and especially AAA lights), but the ’10B is really nice.

Generally, I don’t think you can go really wrong with a Sofirn light. You might have a gripe or two, but I haven’t yet seen anything that’d be a dealbreaker.

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