Emisar D1 and D1S $35 at Intl-Outdoor.com

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Emisar D1 and D1S $35 at Intl-Outdoor.com

I checked this website on Saturday, April 14 and Emisar D1 and D1S 18650 battery flashlights were on sale for $35, normally $40. The D1 is a compact thrower with a ramping UI and optional 18350 and 18500 battery tubes.
The D1S has the same UI, a 50mm (?) bezel and is quite a thrower from what I have read/seen in reviews. I don’t know if the D1 battery tubes will work on the D1S.
Check the reviews on these lights, I believe flat top unprotected high drain batteries are recommended for these lights as some batteries are too long for these lights.

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