*Giveaway* ... with a twist

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*Giveaway* ... with a twist



Ok ..time to do another giveaway !!!

Sending out three different types of diffuser film  ..One sheet of Dc-fix .and two different diffuser film materials I've been selling along side of the dc fix .

They all smooth out any rings in your beam ,crazy hot spots or get rid of tint shifting and in some cases will reduce or blend odd amounts of color like green.

I’ve been selling Dc-fix here for years ..time to give some away Smile
- Here is the original sales thread if you can't wait or don't feel lucky :http://budgetlightforum.com/node/42208
Giveaway ends June 6 2018

Requirement: You must have been a member on or Before May1st 2018.

Please post only one time in this thread. Your post number is your lucky number.

Post … “ I’m in “ and what light you plan to use Dc-fix to smooth out the beam on .

That’s all you have to do.

I will use Random.org to pick *a person who will then be in charge of picking who wins this giveaway . They can use random generator, make a choice themselves or  even pick themselves as a winner ...It's up to them .

Good luck …

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I’m in” I’d use half of it on my astronomy lights to smooth out the beam & get rid of rings & give the other half to someone else on this thread.

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I’m in
I would use this on a Maglite 3D with Malkoff drop-in.

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I love the idea of this GAW! If I get picked by the person who gets picked, I’d use the DC-Fix on my “battery-tool” flashlight. It was given to me a while back and has the worst beam.

Thanks for the GAW Boaz! This should be fun!

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I’m in . I last used it on a 5D cell MagLite.

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I’m in..:)

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I am in. I have a few lights that would benefit, but I will start with my Manker headlamp and a Thorfire S70s

Convoy S 2+ Sofirn SP31 ThorFire VG-10S BLF Q8
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I’m in. I have a couple of headlamps that could benefit from some DC Fix.

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I’m in

two MT09r 70.2’s with TA driver and mods

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I’m in
I don’t know how to use it yet…

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Ooh, just saw this after axing about it in another thread… sure, count me in.

Probably would use it on my VG10S, as I’m nonplussed with a rather hideous beam. Ringy, with a nasty yellow corona.

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I’m in. I last used DC-Fix on a Sofirn SP31.

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Im in, Thanks for GAW, would try to smooth out my 2AA Maglite

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Im in, I have a few I would like to try it on…

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I‘m in, too. I would like to use it on my Amutorch AM30.

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I’m in. I want to try making a removable diffuser for my throwers with this sheet.

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I’m in. I would use it on a TG06S to smooth out the hotspot, and try it on a fixed aspheric lens light that has visible rings.

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I’m in

Sorry for my poor english.

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I am in.

VG10S, cheap C8 style with whack green ring LED and maybe a couple of others.

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I am in. Used it on a Brinyte PD03A to smooth out the hot spot.

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I am in.

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Thanks, I’m in. Smile
If I win, Zanflare F1 will be the 1st target.

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I am in.

I would like to do Zanflare F1 Or Utorch 02

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I’m in and still looking to smooth out some old Maglites.

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I’m in.

I’d use it on a generic headlamp I got a few weeks ago. Headlamps with smooth reflectors… ugh! Definitely not good for close up. Needs diffuser.

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I’m in. Would use to smothen beam of bicycle light like MJ-808. Thanks.