Thorfire TK05 Review

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Thorfire TK05 Review

Review sample was sent by Thorfire via Amazon to me here in the Philippines.

Another package sent by Thorfire to me via Amazon arrived in just 4 days! It is the Thorfire TK05, a 14500/AA flashlight with a
side switch utilizing a Cree XP-G3 LED (claimed to have a lifespan of 20 years).

This particular light is somewhat it seems to be a pretty agressive and ruggedly designed light of good build and usual quality of aluminum anodizing (a little to the matte side than the glossy side) like any Thorfire light.

The cnc of this light is amazing to detail, it has ribbed cooling fins on its head with four chamfers around for I'm guessing resting your thumb and index finger whilst holding the light.

The light switch on this light is defined and protruding which makes it easy to locate by feel, although a downside would be accidental turning on if you don't do a mechanical lockout as this light doesn't have an electronic lockout function. The body has knurling of huge gaps of spiral or diamond pattern.

The tail has a dodecagon chamfers which provides the grip for twisting the tail cap. Interestingly enough, in the tail you can find 2 holes for the lanyard, but no lanyard is provided, maybe because it already has a stainless steel clip included.

The operation and interface on this light is pretty straight forward. Single press to turn the light on, has memory function, so it remembers the last mode it was in. Press again to cycle through the modes Low - Med - High, then in any mode, double click to activate the hidden strobe mode function, press once again to revert back to the previous mode. Long press to turn off the light. This has pretty much a good range of light levels at 13 lumens for low - 100 lumens for med - 600 lumens for high given the size of this light.

The light tint is pretty more on the cool-white / bluish tint which is rated at the temperature 5350K - 5700K by the manufacturer. Although I guess this is rather a good alternative to the TG06S which has a yellowish tint with the same temperature. If you prefer this kind of tint, this is perfect for you.

It comes with a Light Orange Peel reflector and utilizes a Cree XPG3 Led emitter.

Manufacturer Specifications:

CREE XPG3 Led: with life span of 20+ years
Size: 3.5inch(Length)*0.75 inch(Body diameter)
Weight: 1.48 oz (excluding battery)
Color Temperature: 5350-5700K
Single Side Switch for on/off and output selection
High efficiency lens

Overall I would recommend this light as it is would be perfect for camping, hiking, edc, or quick trips to the bathroom, kitchen or garage as it is bright enough and ample lumens for each of
the modes depending on application/usage. This is a very good light to consider for the 14500/AA division. I am happy with this light and would definitely keep it for my edc rotation. Another
awesome build and design from Thorfire!

Below are beam shots and creative shots of the TK05:




Wall low

Wall med

Wall high


This concludes my review. Thank you for reading and I welcome brutal and or constructive comments Smile