Review: ThorFire TK01 - High CRI AAA (with runtime & output)

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Review: ThorFire TK01 - High CRI AAA (with runtime & output)

ThorFire TK01

Introduction: the TK01 is a brand new AAA twisty from ThorFire. The flashlight is small, slim, and quite simple to operate.

LED Tint: the LED is neutral, perhaps 5000K or so. While a specific CRI isn’t mentioned, materials state that this is a High CRI Nichia 219C. In comparison to similar lights, that looks correct.

Left to right: Tank007 E09, ThorFire TK01, Jetbeam Jet-u with Nichia 219C 5000K 70 CRI

Beam Pattern: for such a little light, there is a pretty good sized OP reflector inside. The slightly larger reflector makes this throw a bit further than some of my other AAA light. There is sizeable, useable spill.

Beam Profile

Modes & UI: like I mentioned in the Intro, this light is simple to operate: it has one mode. You twist the head to turn the light on & off. One thing I do like that sets it apart from most twisties: the on-off connection is not a place where unscrewing it would open up the light. There’s about ¾ rotation possible. Battery replacement is actually done via a tailcap.

Build Quality: the TK01 feels very nice, solid, and light. The anodizing is good and similar to what you’d find on other recent ThorFire flashlights. Some of the engraving on my sample appears to have been done a bit too lightly and is inconsistent, but that’s just picking nits. The tailcap threads are triangular, but quite smooth. All of the edges are nicely machined and gentle, the only exception being the keyring loop – it’s a tad bit sharp. The LED is reasonably centered – not perfect, but good enough for a tiny flashlight.

Conclusion: I really like the simplistic, no-nonsense aspects of this light. You twist it on and you know exactly what to expect – a good amount of neutral, high CRI light. The only thing I wish this flashlight had is a clip, especially if it were reversible – the TK01 would be great for clipping onto the brim of hat. Otherwise, I really like this light. I’m a big fan of 1xAAA lights because you can slip them into a pocket and not even know they’re there; so I always keep one with me. Sometimes they do slip out, and a black flashlight can be difficult to find – I kind wish they offered this in silver or different colors.

Disclaimer: I was kindly provided this light for review by ThorFire. That said, all remarks are my own and I’ve done my best to try and be unbiased.

Bonus – Output & Runtime Graphs
In comparing the TK01 to my previous AAA EDC, the Jetbeam Jet-u, a few observations can be made. The stock Jet-u has a 135 lumen rating, which checks out by my measurements. After I swapped a Nichia 219C 5000K 70 CRI into it, it makes about 115 lumens for 64 minutes. The TK01 with it’s High CRI 219C should be expected to be slightly less efficient due to the High CRI LED. ThorFire states the TK01 should provide 85 lumens for an undetermined amount of time. I measured approximately 80 lumens at startup, quickly leveling out to around 60 lumens. It does, however, regulate this out to 80 minutes before ramping down.

Measurements from my “lumen tube”


Comparison Lineup: Jetbeam Jet-u, Tank007 E09, Astrolux A01, ThorFire TK01

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