[MOD] Zebralight SC64c emitter swaps

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JaredM wrote:
Hey, Bob. Thanks for the tip on sourcing a nice 35HI. That 80CRI 4500k sounds great to me, considering it’s Cree we’re talking about. Ideally, I go for 5B/5A or 3A/3D. Haven’t had great luck with 4Cs, and never saw a 4A/4D from Cree – ever. If you say that it’s decent though, I’ll give it a try. The HI plus beaded TIR should result in similar throw (which isn’t much) with negligible tint shift. Optics choices are plenty though, so there’d be experimentation..

(Day dreaming) A quad e21a sure would be a sweet setup in these though..

Do we know the tint of these Hi CRI xhp35 Hi? Where do we buy A and D tinted NW XHP35HI emitters?

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80 CRI XHP35 HIs are usually Easywhite (MacAdam ellipse step bins). The 45E bins from Arrow look quite neutral; I put that emitter in almost every XHP35 light that comes my way, and I think it’s the one ZL uses for their HI models.

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