Advise a decent 18650 based UV blacklight

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Advise a decent 18650 based UV blacklight

Hello BLF’ers I’m after a decent uv torch based on 18650 battery type, as ive never owned a decent UV torch I will be using it to see things floresce for fun, I don’t mind about IPX rating or runtimes, I’m just after a decent one with a bit of grunt

I thought countryman s9 or jaxman u1


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link to djozz tests 

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can be also modded with any other 3×7135 drivers from convoy with more modes

atm the best commercial produced light looking on UV mW per $, leaving all others far behind

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I just got a Convoy S2+ with the Nichia LED from gearbest. It was 22.95 on flashsale. It is the
best and most powerful UV flashlight I have ever used. It puts out a LOT of UV so use eye protection. Unlike a recent cheap chinese zoomie (sipik 68 clone) UV light I recently got it has almost no visible light and is excellent for florescent work. I recommend it highly!!!

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Another vote for the Convoy S2+ UV365. Its Nichia NCSU276A 365nm emitter is the real UV deal. Got mine for $20.