Positive Comments about Neal Zhang owner of Neals Gadgets

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FWIW, I’ve ordered a few times from Neal. My most recent was a GT70, and I started getting concerned after a couple weeks and no shipment notification. I posted here and the consensus was to just wait a bit. I did and it shipped a few weeks later. I’ve gotten everything I’ve ordered and in good condition. Apparently the GT70 was back ordered, but wasn’t listed as such when I ordered mine. I would have patiently waited had I known, the deal was good enough to make it worth my time. I just had no indication that would be the case, and my previous orders had come pretty quickly (for the distance traveled). Guess what I’m saying is that its another case of communication making customers a bit uneasy, but in my case everything’s fine in the end.

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He’s a good seller , but unfortunately if you get a faulty item you will be in for a very long wait. You will get it replaced eventually though.

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have a copper fw3a placed order, so far previous orders no issues for me i think this will also not be a problem. it sucks if u get a wrong light or so but atleast he tryied hard to fix any mistakes.

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I’m wondering how long it will take him to send my E07 ordered few days ago…heard he has a big backlog >_<

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