"Saludos" from Spain

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"Saludos" from Spain

Hi guys,

My name is Diego and I got bitten by the “flashlight bug” around a year ago.
I read the BLF forum for a long time until I finally decided to join it and start contributing.

I love to buy, sell and try as many models as possible, rarely having more than a couple of models at home at the same time.
Of each model (if worthy) I do a review for the website webdelinternas.es and that is also a reason why I am always looking for new joiners to my collection Smile

Thank you all for the uncountable hours of entertainment you have provided me in the past and looking forward to share my thoughts with you in the future.


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Hi Diego, welcome to BLF.
Took a quick peek at your website : it looks very promising.
Always refreshing looking at something quite similar, but in another language/setting.

I always think long and hard before I say something really stupid.

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Welcome to BLF, Diego!
You will find BLF to be a great community and an excellent excuse to spend more money Wink

If you have any questions please feel free to post.

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Watteveryou doo stay away from Barkuti.

He’ll pollute yer fertile Iberian Peninsula mind with astute fundamentally sound reasoning. LOLShocked

“In many things in order to truly understand the small picture you have to understand the big picture first.”

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Thumbs Up Welcome!
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Bienvenido al foro!

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Hello! My family lives in Palma!

raccoon city
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It's a pleasure to know you, Strom!


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Thank you all!
A pleasure to finally be a part of BLF. I don’t know why but I have the feeling it will not be easy for my budget Big Smile