Trouble flashing firmware on BLF Q8 - help please

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Trouble flashing firmware on BLF Q8 - help please

Hi all,

I am trying to get my Windows machine connected to my Q8 using avrdude in order to flash Anduril to it.

The problem is that I’m failing at the first hurdle. I just get “initialization failed, rc=-1” when testing the connection.

I couldn’t find any specific information on the pinouts for the attiny85 MCU in the Q8, only attiny13, i.e. here:

So I copied the pinout there. I have an “old version” USBASP device.

When I connect my SOIC clip the Q8’s button illuminates, and it flashes when I run the test script, but that’s it.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the clip a hundred times.

Am I doing something silly? I’m new to this firmware flashing lark!

Thank you.