UPDATE: 16340 Protected Button-Top

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UPDATE: 16340 Protected Button-Top

I'm looking for a couple 16340 Protected Button-Tops to be used in series.

Recommendations for a Branded 16340 as well as a seller are both needed.

This is a virtual re-post of a previous post of mine that ultimately ended in return of the batteries I purchased from a Recommended US Dealer.

They sold them as new, they looked like re-wrapped used batteries, eventually, my after-sale calls went to voicemail, my after-sale email went un-answered, and blah-blah-blah, anyway, batteries returned, Paypal Dispute now in progress....

To summarize;

Soliciting recommendations for 16340 Button-Top Protected Batteries as well as a Recommended U.S. dealer.

GearBest, BangGood, and FastTech are okay, but only as a last resort, time is a factor.

Also, I'll apologize in advance for those that get nauseous reading a 'Rant'-



UPDATE: I went with FastTech-

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