LED replacement bulbs for cars

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i tried some, they had several problems

i didn;t try the most expensive though

one problem: the terminals broke very quickly

also one thing you may run into – they do not draw the same current, so the car may think ‘these things are defective’ and do various inconvenient things

i decided it is not worth it
maybe for headlights but i have not tried yet
probably will not bother
the reduced power really doesn;t matter
they might be brighter but there is a limit to that, i mean you do not want them too bright
or a horrible blue color
or pink
which i have seen


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jaynick wrote:
Hard pass on those.

These “194/921/t10/t15” bulbs are sooo much brighter.
Ive installed a ton of leds over the years. I have an auto detail/customization shop. Ive tried buying from most of the suppliers, even expensive ones like vleds. Heres a truck i did the other day. You can see the difference between one of those 13 led type that you posted and the one i linked on the 3rd brake/cab light.

So hard pass on the Ebay ones? Sorry I’m a little slow

I point to others in this group to justify how many flashlights I have.