Emisar D4v2 leaked

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charwinger21 wrote:
nick779 wrote:
ToyKeeper wrote:
Mostly the tiny1634, since so many projects were running into limitations with the tiny85. But there’s also other stuff I can’t talk about yet.
Ugh thats such a tease. Hopefully the next few months get more interesting.
D1Sv2 presumably to start. It’s also on clearance and out of stock (as is the D4Ti).

Hmm… My guess is optical reprogramming is a GO on this model. I seem to recall something about running out of pins on the ATTiny85 being at least part of the obstacle to that… Other than that, I’m unsure and very curious

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21700 tube?? Is there a 21700 version or not??
I meant to quote this to post#90 very confusing.
I can’t find a 21700 version.

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No 21700 tube.

21700 tube D4 is maybe in the making. Not sure.

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I went ahead and ordered the D4V2 today but sure wish they would do a 21,700 version as well. I like to stick with 18650&21700