AA Flashlights - "Cockroach" / "Vampire" / "Drain-me-till-I'm-empty"

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The 50,000 hour rating isn’t a failure rating. I think it’s rated down to 70% brightness. Someone correct me on the percentage if I’m wrong.

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buck91 wrote:
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timbo114 wrote:
Henk4U2 you’ll love it. Built like a tank.
They also have one of the smoothest tail cap twisty on and off’s you’ll ever use. Very fine threads with good machining. Not easy to get apart but can be modded with a better led.

People have had success with LED swaps in the infinity ultra? I’ll have to see if there are any pics or write ups. With all the warm/neutral and higher cri 5mm options out there that would be pretty sweet!

There’s a write up on swapping leds over at the other forum. Just look up “ Gerber Infinity mod step-by-step”. Its been several years since I modded mine, The head was really tough to get unscrewed but I didn’t add any heat to try to help loosen the loctite. If you get the head off the mod is really easy. Polishing the reflector hole helps too, while you have it apart.
These would make a pretty sweat swap in a infinity http://budgetlightforum.com/node/69056
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I EDC a Thorfire TG06S as a pocket utility light that I use otherwise-spent alkaleak cells in.  Unlike my "gentlemens' dress pocket light" Acebeam M10, which always starts on L, the TG06S starts on H, which is what I want for general utility convenience.

Ive noticed the TG06S will commence starting on M as the cell weakens, eventually starting on L when the cell is mostly shot.  If I use the low cell long enough the TG06S will eventually fail to start at all even on low.  The light gives plenty of warning that it's about out of juice.  I've not tested a cell that's dropped that low, so I can't vouch for how depleted it is.  Next time I wring one out that low I'll post the resulting voltage of the spent cell.

TG06S might be a reasonably good vampire.



Great... Carnac the Magnificent tells me I just signed up for yet another expensive hobby.

Smile! It makes others wonder what you've been up to.

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got a few free baby c8 $1.99 aa lights.
these drivers make useful light down to about .5v
and will restart at .7v
add a n219c on a cheap star and a dime.
and a energizer lithium.
stash in emergency kit.
not bad for something that can be considered by most to be disposable.
battery dead and tossed in the recycling ewaste box.
i get this places recycling stuff and have found all sorts of nice stuff.
lots of laptops.tons of battery packs.power tools.
a few weeks back i got a new looking magcharger.
it worked fine once i replaced the bad wallwart.

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Link to these “baby c8” hosts?

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Not exactly a cheap option, but the Peak LED Solutions El Capitan would be an excellent cockroach/vampire light if you had it configured as a low output, no QTC light.

It doesn’t get much tougher than Peak’s lights and as far as being a battery scavenger, my Eiger AAA configured at level 1 beat even the mighty Fenix E01 on operating on seemingly dead cells, I’d imagine the AA El Capitan at a similar drive level would be no different.