Rofis TC1 Recall Letter! Informations to all owner!

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Rofis TC1 Recall Letter! Informations to all owner!

Dear BLF´ler and TC1 owner,

like it was discussed here, im also owner of 5 pcs TC1 into 1 year.
I find out my older ones compare to the new ones i got.
Twice, all have problems to hold the capacity in the cell, and the touchbutton
also is bugged. I make a couple of vids and send to Rofis directly.
This morning io got answer from rofis, they decide to recall due to the multiple Issues.

Original written:

Thank you for your letter, our TC1 flashlight has a big problem, mainly caused by touch switches and circuits. There is a large electrical loss inside.
So we have already removed the product in the early days.
Due to the dealer level, they had to resell the inventory, although we issued a recall.
We recommend that you make a refund return operation.

ROFIS Service Team
OA:No. 2990 Songbai Road, Shiyan, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.
Tel.: +86-755-82552272
ROFIS Technology Co., Ltd.

Rofis recommend a refund/return operation even up where oy got your TC1


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Rofis website domain is suspended. Who to contact for recall? Postage to china is likely more than price of the light
Further proof, NO MORE ROFIS-EVER