10000 lumen fireflies E07

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10000 lumen fireflies E07

Hi guys, just read about 10000 lumen fireflies e07 in the other froum.
since i cant post there, i want to ask you if heard something about that.
beside in the original fireflies website they said the max lumen out of those light is 6900 lumen but in this link , they are claim more than 8000 lumen from those lights ( for nearly double price of original site). any thoughts about this too?

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8000+ lumen from 7*xpl-hl is doable with right battery.

but those number is mostly unpratical, it gets extremely hot and drops quickly at that level

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Everything about that site seems sketchy. The light does not, and never has exceeded 8,000 lumens. They are ripping you off on the price. They refer to firmware as software. The whole page seems like it was written by a teenager. I love the E07 and have 3, but I would never buy anything from that site.

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I wouldn't mind seeing an E07 on a 30T with Luxeon V... I don't have an E07 though, and definitely not an E07 board with 4040 footprints.

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