351d 5000k vs 219c 5000k

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351d 5000k vs 219c 5000k

Hey everyone, what are your opinions on the 351d 5000k vs 219c 5000k.

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The 219C is a bit on the yellow-green side, but not too terrible, kinda “sunlighty”. Much prefer the 219B, though.

The ’351 is damned nice, all around. Rather creamy-white. Newer, so more efficient than the 219s in general.

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I would also choose the lh351d.
It produces a nicer tint and it’s a more capable emitter overall.

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351 no doubt. 219c in 5000k looks horrible to me. I want to like it, I just can’t.

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I also prefer the LH351D. The LH351D 5000k looks like what was described above, kind of white creamish. the LH351D 4000k looks somewhat yellow. Shave the LH351D 5000k 90cri and something magic happens. Better tint something in between the two (around 4300k), tighter hotspot, with a touch of rosiness, you got a winner, at least for me. It’s my favorite emitter swap. I only wish I had bought more when Arrow was selling them for $0.74 each with free overnight shipping. Sad

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I really wish the MF01S had an LH351D option. I don’t even mind the 219C tint so the LH351D must be the perfect LED for my needs.