Hi from New Zealand!

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Hi from New Zealand!

Hey people,

I live in that country that was memed on for a while because it was constantly misrepresented on maps and was sometimes just flat out missing.

I’m a Computer Systems Engineering student with a passion for all sorts of random stuff cough*anime*cough. Recently got into flashlights because why not?

I started off by getting a Wuben E05 and a Convoy S2+ SST20 4000K. They haven’t arrived yet and I’m hoping I don’t have any issues importing the Wuben with it’s included battery…
One light was bought after many hours of research and the other was an impulse buy because how the heck are those Convoys so damn cheap?!

I’m also into photography

I’ll be honest, I only made this account to buy an emitter to mod into that Wuben E05. I was looking for a Samsung LH351D 4000K but shipping is so damn expensive on all the sites I’ve visited, so now I’m thinking of going with a Nichia 219B from azhu instead.

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Welcome to BLF!
I hope you won’t have to sell your photography gear to indulge properly in your new hobby…

Now you need Li-ion batteries of every size, a couple chargers, a case to store those, shelve space for the lights… and to explain to your neighbors why they may see strange things at night.

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Thanks for signing up, ControllerSupport!

I play an old computer game of Risk!, and there is no New Zealand on the Risk! world map.  :FACEPALM: