Chargeable light for family- SP36 LH351D vs MF01 mini or other?

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Chargeable light for family- SP36 LH351D vs MF01 mini or other?

I’m looking for a flashlight for my parents:
-fairly simple UI, and good build quality
-charging port (usb c or micro usb)
-average suburban use, doesn’t need to be too fancy/tactical

My top choices are the SP36 LH351D, and the MF01 mini (SST20 NW or XPL-Hi NW). I think both offer ramping, and they seem to be a good flood/throw combo, and color.

~$50 SP36 beamshots
~$50 MF01 beamshots

All 3 seem pretty great to me- the XPL Hi’s seem to offer more throw/focus, but worse color. I’m open to other suggestions too

My personal favorite light so far is the BLF Q8. Good size, color/tint, flood/throw balance, firmware, build quality, price. It doesn’t have a charging port though, & they won’t want to deal with charging 18650’s. I’ve used an MF01 219c & it’s nice, but too big, seems too floody, and the color seems a bit too cool. A really nice light, but it probably wouldn’t be the first light I grab to use. I’ve also used a ROT66 219b- I liked the size, the color seemed a little warm, and it has the loose battery carrier build quality issue.

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Sofirn actually has some warranty and customer service


Send in videos of the problem if within 30 days to negotiate a partial refund, after 30 days good luck

That matters much more than any marginal differences between the lights

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Don’t have either but I would pick the Sofirn.

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I just got my BLF SP36 a week or so ago. I did not expect to like the color temp, but it really does look pretty good. If you are sure they can deal with the interface, I would recommend the Emisar D4SV2 slightly more. It is a single cell light but does not include built in charging. But, an Lii100 charger is perfect for the situation. The D4Sv2 seems to handle heat a little better and if fits the hands wonderfully! The magnetic tailcap is a big plus as well.


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Emisar D4V2, SST20 4000k
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Average suburban use? Why the wall of light?

My new favorite muggle light has been the Sofrin SC31B. Click on, hold for 5 mode ramp that wraps around. Click off. Double click for Strobe, Hold for psycho strobe. Click off. Long hold when off turns on the switch LEDs, which also serve as a battery indicator when you turn the light on.

“Kit” includes battery and micro USB cable. Get 2 for $46 at Amazon, and Dad can leave one in his coat pocket.

PS – If you do chose the SP36, there’s a 30% off code.

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So glad you posted this. Both my father and step father are in their 70’s and both separately in the past few weeks picked up my BLF Q8 and asked if I could get them something exactly like that but with direct charging.

I’ve been leaning heavily toward the SP36 LH351D, and have just been waiting for a really good sale/code with batteries included. (don’t need any more wires.)

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Seconded on the SC31 (original or B). It’s a great light for The Muggle, and won’t set things on fire if you put it face-down when on turbo.

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