BLF A6/Astrolux S1 battery check mode.

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BLF A6/Astrolux S1 battery check mode.
  1. Freshly charged 18650 only giving three blinks and occasionally four with no consistency in my S1 after I ordered and installed an 18650 body tube. Battery behaves just fine and checks just fine in other lights. I think it's specific to the light. Possibly a short or dirty threads? Thanks in advance and any help is certainly appreciated. 
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i dunno, i never use battery check, i just see how bright it can get, if it starts having 5 or 6 modes instead of 8, time for a recharge


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Don’t worry about the batt check too much. If turbo looks okay, your battery is fine. Built-in batt check modes are often not very accurate.

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Check the bat with a multimeter?

How long ago u buy the s1?