D4V2 doesn't do direct Moon once in a morning

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D4V2 doesn't do direct Moon once in a morning

This is really strange. Since a few days my D4V2 refuses to start despite audible feedback from the button. A second button press always works.

In the morning, I always start the Emisar in direct Moon, i.e. press and hold the button. Few days ago I was wondering why nothing happens, clicked it a second time and it started up normally. Since then, I have this problem every morning. I’m unable to enforce it. No matter where on the button and how fast or strong I press it, the Emisar starts normally. It’s really just once a day that it stays off.

This is an early D4V2, flashed second Anduril version after muggle mode bug was uncovered. Battery is Samsung 30Q, LEDs are SST20@3000K.

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This happens to me sometimes. Pick it up and click it to turn it on to the memorized mode but nothing happens. I shrugged it off as an improper click but I’m pretty sure I heard the feedback from it as well. I bought mine a few days before the D4V2 was released in case it’s relevant. Not sure which Anduril version it has but it’s still the one shipped with it. It has the 2 mode lockout.

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This is likely the software bug ToyKeeper mentioned in another thread. 

Basically Anduril checks for the battery level and other stuff every x seconds and if you try to click your light on in that exact moment it won't react. Happens to me too every couple days/weeks depending on how often I use it.  


The fix for this implies a larger rewrite of the Anduril code and will probably take a while. I'm not very happy with this bug either.