Budget Friendly LED Light with COB & usb Suggestions/Recommendations

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Budget Friendly LED Light with COB & usb Suggestions/Recommendations

Hey everyone, I have a bunch of folks on my Christmas list that could use a good light and who live in rural areas where the power goes out and can recharge with USB.
Some board members would refer to these folks as ‘Muggles’.

I am thinking of getting them a light which can be used as a good search light combined with a lantern style light without the fuss of fumbling for a lost silicone diffuser.

I saw a few budget friendly ones here, but wonder if there are any other contenders you fellow board members would suggest I check out.

These two I am looking at, the first has an integrated battery which I assume will have a limited life, but how long?
L8 version of;


Appreciate anyone who wants to chirp in!


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