219c 4000k or XHP50.2 J4 Neutral White

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219c 4000k or XHP50.2 J4 Neutral White

Anyone know how the XHP50.2 J4 Neutral White compares to the 219c 4000k


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I have the 4000k J2 that I believe is a 5A in a light and it really looks good. But, there is a little oddness in the corona. The Nichia is not bad, but it also suffers from oddness in the corona. I would look at the purpose you plan… will the 5×5 be the best choice or will the smaller Nichia?

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These emitters really are suited for totally different niches. I don’t understand the point of the question.

Nichia 219: Small die, high cri, very nice light output
XHP50.2: Large die, very high outputs possible.

You would need radically different sized reflectors for anywhere near a similar beam shape.