Current UV P-60 Drop-in

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Current UV P-60 Drop-in

I killed my old UV Drop-in that I’ve used for several years in my SolarForce L2X. does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement? I’d like as bright as possible, and goal is to simply reveal fluorescent colors at night as efficiently as possible. Seems like most of the threads on the topic are years old at this point. Are there any good/better choices these days?


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Might not be what you want to hear, but just grab a Convoy UV S2+ (black body only, it seems, but about 10min to swap to a different color S2+ of your choice), and 20mm ZWB2 filter, and go crazy.

I still got a ’501 with ancient UV drop-in, probably 395nm, but no filter. You can pick up one of those for <10bux. For the price of the drop-in, might as well go whole hawg with the S2+.

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Some folks are sentimental and try to hang on to their trusted stuff. In that case, try THIS

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I got one of these and am happy with it.
Make sure to check 365nm.