Emisar D4V2 Ti V2 5D, FW3A Raw SST20 4000K Lava Glow Gasket

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Emisar D4V2 Ti V2 5D, FW3A Raw SST20 4000K Lava Glow Gasket

Hello I’m selling two of my shelf queens : https://imgur.com/a/TgTW22X

Emisar D4V2 Ti XPL 5D w/ 30Q battery – $OLD

FW3A Raw SST20 4000K w/ Lava Glow Gasket – $OLD

They are in excellent condition as they have only been on my shelf, the D4V2 has started to patina a little but that is expected once removed from packaging.

If you are interested PM me!

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Would you be interested in a Convoy L6 & two keeppower 26650’s for the D4v2?

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What tint is the 5D?

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Starkm32 wrote:
What tint is the 5D?

5D is the tint… I believe around 4000K

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