WTS: C8G Host and some modding parts

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WTS: C8G Host and some modding parts

Known good Parts:
2x XHP70 CW LED from Convoy L6
1x XHP70 NW LED from Convoy L6
2x Drivers (one with switch) from Convoy L6
2x Convoy C8 Drivers
5x Osram Black Flat from Arrow
1x original Sofirn C8G Driver with XHP35 LED

Sofirn C8G Host with maybe damaged Parts:
1x C8F Driver
1x XHP50.2 dedomed LED (from kaidomain)

Modding was first succesful, but when trying to center LED a short occured and tail spring gehts hot…

Uhm, maybe 25,-EUR for all the Parts?

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Oh, man... wish you were in the U. S.! I'd take the lot. 

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I could be interested in the c8 drivers if no one takes it all

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