COB LED 4*18650 - Dive Video Light

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COB LED 4*18650 - Dive Video Light

As discussed in this thread

There are several variants of these 4 × 18650, super wide angle video lights with accessory red and blue led’s.

This ScubaBoard thread reviews these

However a new type has started popping up on Aliexpress / Banggood and I am intrugued by it

They have 1 large COB led, claiming 11,000 lumens

URANUSFIRE’ ( Facepalm )
‘Tactical Underwater 100m LED Diving Flashlight Waterproof COB LED 10800Lumens Photography Video Fill Light Torch 4*18650 Battery’

LED Diving Flashlight Underwater 80M 11000Lumens COB Photography Camera Tactical Flashlight Blue+RED+White LED Lanterna Torch’

Does anyone have any experience with these, or COB type LED’s ?

Bought a light for scuba diving once. Do LED's contain nicotine?

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