off road LED's

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off road LED's

There are a bucket load of them, and most are silly cheap. Are there any brands that are better than any of the others? or do they all come out of the same few factories only to have different nonsense brands slapped on them?

I point to others in this group to justify how many flashlights I have.

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you got it right.
they look alright new but the cheap leds degrade at the drop of a hat.a neighbor just found out the expensive way.
i just replaced 48 3535 leds in a fancy one that was made to fit the roof contour of his truck.
he paid 350.00 6 months ago and it faded away to a dim blue.
couldnt identify the originals but it got nichias when i repaired it.
the cheap bars all over ebay and amazon are built with the same mystery leds.
i got 2 new in box real cheap to use as 12v yard lights on my solar system.
the leds will be replaced preemptively.

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Richard from MtnElectronoics has his own brand,

We’ve just moved about 60min out into the country (20+ minutes from nearest town of 1200 people) and were looking hard at equipping all our vehicles with his bars (yes we know that’s technically illegal).