Looking for Suitable Host!

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Looking for Suitable Host!

Hi! I’m getting that itch to mod again, which is really annoying for my wallet. While I don’t have a fund set aside right now, it never hurts to plan, and I’ve got that high CRI itch I need to scratch… even after modding one light to use Optsolis and promising myself that would be the last one, here we are anyway.

So what I’m looking to do is take that 36x Nichia 757 LED board that Clarence from Virence is offering, load it up with 5000k Optsolis and run it at the maximum rated output for each LED, which means 100mA/LED and a max output of 3.6A at 2.9V. As such, this is a long way of asking what sort of host can I find at a reasonable price with a 50mm diameter opening to accommodate the 35mm x 35mm board. The power source would be anywhere from a single lithium-ion up to 4× 18650’s in parallel. I would also prefer one with a built-in shelf and a shallow emitter area as this light will be a mule since there aren’t any optics available (that I know of anyway) for such a pcb. I’ll probably use a piece of frosted acrylic to diffuse the light.

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Convoy M21C or M26C with 55mm head diameter? Or the Sofirn SP36 or Q8? If you ask Sofirn they will supply them also as hosts.

For 3.6A a single battery should be enough, though.

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3.6A is 10 AMCs

You can see my 17, 22, 24mm, 28-30 and 37-42mm that can fit that many
That’s probably enough to fit most hosts