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computer/console games

hi guys, ok now that everyones kind of on a lock down

which games do you play online

and also whats your favourite game overall ever if you could only choise one game

my favourite game ever would be zelda on snes

games i play online are
Fornite now and then
and just in the middle of downloading call of duty warzone

who wants a game!

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Fw1a pro might help in the situation !

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Best game ever: The Last Of Us. Cool

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I got lot of games. Mostly for PS2, Xbox 360, PSX, PS3, PSP and some for pc too. No idea how many, been into collecting, not so much anymore.

Favourite games well hard to choose only one, but Fallout 2 maybe or GTA San Andreas. My favourite game series would be Fallout-series, C&C’s also rocks, Final Fantasys for JRPG and GTA’s.
Looking for good Red Alert 2 or Zero Hour mods right now.

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Diablo 3 on PC and Asphalt 9 on the shitter.

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I’ve been replaying the Shining Force games on a Sega Genesis/CD emulator. Some good, old school, strategy RPG action!

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I play games offline exclusively.

My favorite games are JRPG's.

Of those, the best are Persona 3, 4, and 5.

If I play a new game, it'll be a PS3 or PS4 game.

(My gaming desktop and gaming laptop are over five years old, so they don't play the latest games any more.)

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No electronic games.
I read books.
I use 2 different library systems; Kindle or other e-book formats mostly.

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It ‘s been a very long time since I ‘ve played computer games, but titles like Fallout 2, NFS: Porsche Unleashed or Diablo will always stay in my memory.

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I like The Angry Birds.

Offline, so no ads.

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MtnDon wrote:
No electronic games. I read books. I use 2 different library systems; Kindle or other e-book formats mostly.

I have two walls in my living room covered with books shelves plus an e-book reader and i love reading but that doesn't prevent me to play many games !

The ones i have spent some time with recently :

  • Eastshade, nice and easy with pretty landscapes
  • No Man's Sky, somewhat repetitive after about a thousand hours Wink but i still go back to it  when there is a major upgrade
  • Submerged, an other "nice and easy with pretty landscapes" game
  • Thalos Principle, best puzzle game since the two Portals. I finished it long ago but my daughter wanted to see it
  • and many more ...