Holster for GT Micro

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Holster for GT Micro

Any suggestions as to a good belt holster for a Lumintop GT Micro. I really want to start carrying mine as an EDC, but it just doesn’t fit well in a jeans pocket.

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Not really. I’ve got a variety of holsters in lots of sizes, and nothing’s a good fit.

Most for 18650 lights will be way too wide and too long, unless they’re stretchy and you wedge the ‘micro waaaaaay down in there.

Those for 14500 lights will be about the right length and width, but the head of the ‘micro is just too wide and you’ll have a hard time getting the flap over it and have enough velcro left to stick it shut, again, unless you really wedge the light down in there tight.

That said, the best one I got is a Jetbeam holster, the smallest one (for 14500s). Fasttech used to sell them, but they’re long since discontinued.


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