Did I miss any new reviews for sticky/frontpage?

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Did I miss any new reviews for sticky/frontpage?

Hi everyone,

Sorry I got a bit behind with the recent incoming reviews. Great job everyone! I think I found all the new ones and made them Frontpage'd and Sticky'd. But if I missed any please let me know so I can give your hard work a bit more exposure and so it doesn't get buried in time.

Thanks a lot! Have fun.

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I did a beam shot of smaller XML light olight i1 vs, trust fire z1 and aaa tank 703 , I haven't seen one yet and thought it would bebhelpful, I'm gonna add some mor info soon Smile
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will let you know when i am done with the Tank E09 review (and the Lumintop Worm review), thanks!

*FMI* i got 4 i/o sh