I'm not REALLY back.

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I'm not REALLY back.

Hi all.

Old flashoholic here. Not really that excited to be here. You have me spending money again. Gotta update my technology ya know… : )

Haven’t bought a decent light in 10+ years, and stumbled some YouTube videos. Came here for some research.

Thanks for the good info everyone! Just got my FW4A today.

Carry on…

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Yeah its all about ramping UI’s, high cri’s and monstrous amount of lumens these days. What a time to be alive.

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Welcome to BLF BabaOriley! Good luck with the research, I hope you have arranged a generous grant Shocked

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As was said, it’s high output, high cri, and advanced user interface now. Prices have gone down and gone up depending on what you’re into. Most everything comes from overseas now as well. Hey, $20 gets you 2000lm now!

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Welcome. The price of what is now considered budget has gone up. On the other hand, there is much more truly budget stuff that is really good, much better than it was. I think you will love your adventure.

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It's nice to see you, BabaOriley!