parts recommendation for a 10W work light

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parts recommendation for a 10W work light

im moding a 10W work light, more batteryes, better led + driver.

thinking about QLITE REV.A from hank, (since its an old driver, i wonder if there is a new/updated driver out there?)

tow XM-L’s in parallel

a pack of 6×18650 in parallel aswell.

and a tp4056 for charging,

please, any recommendation, thanks!

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Sounds good to me.

Choice of driver depends how the light’s supposta be turned on/off and how you’d expect to switch modes.

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thing is, even though i have a QLITE driver in my headlamp, i just learned it have a PWM on lower mods,
would be nice to not have a PWM, but, i must say that even in firefly i cant see this PWM effect in any way, even not while shaking the light in the air FAST, i cant see it.
so im not sure.
gonna have a toggle switch for ON/OFF and a momentary for mods (same setup i got in my headlamp, works for me)

what about two LEDs in parallel, one with 1A tint and the other with 3C, will it work?
i never used two leds befor.

this is the mule BTW

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A lot of Drivers/Lights use PWM to control brightness. The BLF LT1 being one.
It has a 3.9kHz PWM on the lowest setting and quickly jumps to 19K as it gets brighter.

For me anything in the 3kHz range is undetectable unless the duty cycle is extremely short.
Even then it’s not a bother. But some are more sensitive to PWM than others.
Above 5K or so, it’s all good.

On the low end -1.2kHz in one of my headlamps, on the lowest setting, the Duty cycle is short and I can detect the PWM. As long as there not a lot of movement taking place, it’s OK for me.
Upping the brightness and getting the Duty Cycle up to around 50%-60%, makes it more pleasant to use.

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