Cheap right-angle lights?

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Cheap right-angle lights?

I’m looking to buy a handful of right-angle lights for camping/hiking that could be attached to a backpack/shirt/etc. Bonus points if it can also be fitted to your head. I’m looking for something similar to the SK-68 (cheap enough to hand out and scatter in various places, bright and versatile, and something of a cockroach of a light) just at a right angle. It’d also have to be able to run, in a lower power setting without fear of overheating. We’ll be getting more specialized lights for night exploration, but the idea is to be able to work on camping duties at night without having a buddy hold the flashlight.

I’d lean towards li-ion compatibility if possible (including 18650 batteries), to avoid fumbling in the dark for battery changes.

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The cheapest and the the same time working light that i know of is Eagle Eye X1R XP-L Cool White

Sometimes you can get it for 13,5$ with coupon codes. The real measured lumen output is over 500!

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$25, but including battery.

One thing: No ultra-low mode. Might exclude this light for camping, you decide.

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Nicron N7 at Amazon, AA/14500
Wowtac A2 also at Amazon, 18650 (included).

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Another vote for the WOWTAC A2. $20 at Amazon. About as cheap as you will find a quality headlamp.
If you consider $20 cheap. It includes an 18650 Battery, Head strap, and a charging cable.
You have to remove the battery to charge it. The charge port is in the battery itself.
More of a throw’ie than a flooder.
I have the A2S which is basically the same light with more output.
Very sturdy, easy interface.
BUT – it has no clip. If this is important, you may need to find one that works with the A2 or find another light.
I’ve had no experience with the Nicron, but I have heard good things said about it.
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If you want a tent light for camping at night, avoid those with the prominent blue light peak; that will interfere with sleep.
Conversely if you camp during long winter nights you’ll want the blue light for alertness.

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Based on experiences with my own kids I would strongly consider avoiding anything that is decently bright. Best case scenario they just don’t realize that you are being blinded… or perhaps its more malevolent.

In any case, I’d look at some 5mm based options if you can find any. This 3AAA angle head light on Amazon looks like a good option, though at $13 its not “give away to the kids” cheap. Menards usually has some very inexpensive options but I don’t recall seeing at 90 degree lights recently.

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this is my choice for cheap right-angle:
Manker E-02.

bonus: it’s SMALLER
than the cockroaches around here.

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Technically right-angle, but T-shaped, Boruit D10 is something like $12. Usb-charging too.

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