Hole in the Wrap - 21700 from FFlies

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Hole in the Wrap - 21700 from FFlies

This cell came with a FireFlies PL47G I just received. The wrap has an apparently die-cut hole in the shape of a capital “I” in it. Anybody seen this before? Seems unsafe to use. Tested the light with a 40T without any holes and works just fine. Haven’t put the generic FF cell into the light.

Whoops 21700 of course

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If it’s just a cut in the wrapper then just put a piece of tape over it. I have lots of laptop batteries with ripped wrapping that I covered up with plastic shipping tape, scotch tape, etc.

This is basically just a cosmetic issue.

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Also worth noting that many lights won’t care because the body of the light is still negative. When off, a short there would cause a tail-switch light to turn on, as it would bypass the switch. But an e-switch light wouldn’t even notice, unless it were an Olight I guess.

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