Replacing AAA format?

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Replacing AAA format?

So long version short. AAA is my favorite format. Not for everything all the time but because its about the largest I can carry (pocket or keychain) basically without noticing. I have a bunch, some of which I am very fond of such as my Tool Ti 219B or my el cheapo Thrunite Ti3 NW. Actually, the Sofirn C01S is also awesome but somehow has ended up in emergency kits instead of my EDC.

Anyways, I’m looking for a 1 size fits all option. I want to replace and EDC/pocket style light, camping hand held light, ad hoc “tactical” light, task light, etc all in one. Needs to run low enough to read a book in a tent at night and be bright enough to scope out a campsite when overlanding (IE: Equal or beat a Maglite 3D incan at the low end). Clip to function as a ballcap headlamp is 99% required. Currently my ZL SC63W fits 99% of these needs and I suppose really is as close to perfect as possible. Three main failure points, though. #1 is that it can’t clip to a ballcap for hands free use. #2 is that it has a side switch. #3 is that it cannot take primaries as an emergency backup. I’m not locked into any one battery format but I suspect 18650 would be able to provide the best combination of small size, output and runtime.

Right now I have a hard time deciding which light to use. The aforementioned ZL SC63W, AT Wizard Pro XHP50 Warm, AT Viking Pro Warm or my trusty and much loved Tool Ti 219B (which of course doesn’t really compare to the others)… I suppose the Lumensfactory Seraph SP-6 host with Malkoff M361 with a warm Nichia would be damn near ideal if it was able to compete with size of the Zebralight but of course it cannot…

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I like the option to hands free use of a light on a hat

here are some options for that part of the feature wish list:

1. I have a Ti3, and its clip reverses for hat use
2. the sofirn clip also works on a hat
3. There is also a way to use a clip on the Tool Ti in reversed, hat clip orientation
4. Ive read that McGizmo maker cut a hole into one of his visors, so he can run the clip of his Sundrop through the hole, so it works on a modified hat, without reversing the clip

the 2020 RRT-01 will run AA, 16340, 18350, and 18650
not sure if it isnt too heavy to put on a hat, but you could clip it through a hole in the bill of a hat and find out…

Im tempted to suggest the hat light be one of your AAA, and the Multifuel RRT-01 can cover the other feature wishes

you could probably just put your ZL SC63W on a hat with a hole in the bill..

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At the moment I am really digging my Ti3 V2 NW especially because of the hat clip thing. However, I am lucky enough to have a clip from an old Fenix AA light (Bought it for an xeno EO3). If you can find a clip like that, the TH20 NW is very nice. I clip it to a coat or shirt instead of a cap. Clips nicely into pocket. Could use as a true headlamp although I have actually never put it in the band. The only real downside is that it is fun to have the output of a 14500 but you need to use protected and the fun part eats the battery too quick. Stick with a good AA like eneloop pro or IKEA LADA and it is a great all around light.

The SC31B would also fit your needs except for the backup primaries. However, I think the low might be a bit higher than you may really want in a tent. The body reverses so it does clip on a hat and when reversed back clips nicely in a pocket. Pretty small for a 18650 light.

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Honestly, the SC63 is going to be one of the best lights out there. I’ve not looked into it much, but I occasionally see SC6x series Zebralights on reddit with non-ZL clips, so it may be worth looking into a two-direction clip for it. As for dual fuel, you’re going to be out of luck with most 18650, the exception being the rare offerings that will still accept 2xCR123 these days. That will slightly increase length. 18650 is also a bit large for a hat-clip.

You could consider FW3A with the deep carry clip , which is bi-directional. Gets you hat-clip and tail-switch. Still leaves you without primary cell support, though. I checked, and the lume1 driver would not support 2xCR123 – though it lists a minimum voltage of 2.7V input, so you could try to finagle something with a single CR123 and the 18350 shorty tube, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Edit to add: Olight might be good. I’m pretty sure my S1 supports CR123 as well as the 16340. Has a bi-directional clip, too. Could use a new emitter…
I’m not too familiar with their offerings but it may be worth a look.

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I’ve been digging my Skilhunt M150 (the high CRI version with LH351D) lately. Pocketable, decent assortment of modes, good boost driver that accepts AA and 14500. Clip isn’t spectacular but it is reversible for hat duty. I’m torn about the UI, which I feel is good but not great. It has two modes. Mode A has like 9 different levels, but employs hold-for-off. Mode B has fewer levels (including dropping the lowest level) but has click-for-off. Worth a look.