Please help: Is this a genuine Samsung 40T?

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Please help: Is this a genuine Samsung 40T?

I have an Astrolux EC03 that is winging its way to me from Banggood, so I recently bought another Samsung 40T locally . This battery appears to be about 1mm longer than my other one and has a ring on the negative terminal (see pic). On the top of the can, through he wrap, I can see a code:
Do you think that this the genuine article or a rewrapped fake? I want my full 6700 lumens out of the EC03!

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can you show some pics

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Can you measure the diameter of your 40T?

If you have a Convoy S21A or Convoy M21A, a genuine Samsung 40T will fit them. But some nongenuine 40T seems to be rewrapped “Lishen 21700 with the bottom ring” and won’t fit the S21A or M21A.

(Although there could be other non-genuine-Samsung 21700 that may also have a similar narrow diameter)

Your 40T also has very well-aligned lettering. In my limited experience with genuine Samsung 21700, the letter markings usually are not “too” well-aligned.


I’ve encountered a couple of non-genuine 40T (not from Banggood though, since BG does NOT ship batteries to my country), both of the non-genuine 40T seems to perform more like a Liitokala Lii-40A (correct ~4000mAh capacity) but different dimensions (diameter) and AC IR test.

(yours may not be the same “non-genuine” 40)

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I have some coming from BG so this thread is very interesting, thanks for this

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i noticed chinese 21700 cells run to the fat side of spec.
just got a bunch of sunpower that are 21.7mm.
in all fairness they have no part number.
they are close to 21700.
they are pulled from a huge lot of replacement dyson packs that were made with the wrong plastics.
pushing the dimensions a bit to gain capacity is nothing new.