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BurningPlayd0h wrote:
This C8 w/ Osram WF2 has all the throw I will ever conceivably need. 750m+ FL1, possibly higher. The same or very similar emitters are now available in the M21A (C8 w/21700 tube), M21/26C (larger than a C8, smaller than L2) and L21A (L2 w/21700 battery tube) depending on how large a light you’re comfortable carrying and what battery format you want. 21700>26650 IMHO since the capacity is about the same and none of these require anywhere north of 10A drain.

I would really prefer a warmer color temp in a thrower (or… any light really) but honestly even around warmer lights at night it’s not too bad and the throw performance is just so much better than basically anything else out there right now.

SST-20 3/4000K is actually really great for a warm + high CRI thrower too, but you sacrifice a lot of output. While the K1 has the XHP35 HI available that is another (pricier) option as well. I like the C8+ because it is so compact compared to the K1, FT03, etc.

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I live in a rural area as well. I am normally looking out to the 100 or 200 yard mark. I like the Thrunite Catapult V6 in NW. It works great, the UI is great and it even has built in recharging.

I don’t need warm or high CRI light. I just need light. 150 yards is about the limit that I can see. It’s very difficult to see beyond that without some external help. For me anyway. The Thrunite is rock solid and dependable. Besides the Acebeam E10, it’s the best little thrower I have. Not to mention the run time is quite nice with the 26650.

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Uh… Sofirn C8G?


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Unheard wrote:
This is nice:

(FT03 w/ SST-40)

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I don’t have the K1 though I’ll probably end up getting one next year. It looks to be a throw beast.

I have the GT Mini, the KR1 with the W1, a C8+ with the W1, a KR1 with the W1 and the FT03 with the XPH50.2.

They all really reach out there. The beams of W1 lights are so thin and so ‘not super bright’ overall that they feel like they shine the farthest to my eyes. The FT03 just is a super bright light overall AND throws well, it’s probably the best overall choice and a great value.

I like the feel of the KR1 the most and it’s fairly pocketable so it gets the most use with me.

For a dedicated thrower… I’d really think about just getting the K1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets close to twice the distance of the others I’ve mentioned though it’s likely the least useful light overall for a general purpose light.

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i have convoy c8 i think.. now i want upgrade it if there is “cheap” and better one?
what is this C8 w/ Osram WF2?
Is what you recommend. 18650 thrower and cheap.. thanks.

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usually a ‘thrower’ can be pretty cheap if you do not mind cold/neutral LEDs, and large head size

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